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Memberships & Affliations

IIT Global Alumni Network


  • Organization Type: IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Alumni Network in USA
  • Website: PanIIT USA
  • Description: As an IIT graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, an active member of the IIT alumni group in USA

Aggienetwork - Texas A&M University

  • Organization Type: Association of Former Students at Texas A&M University
  • Website: AggieNetwork
  • Description: As a Texas A&M University, College Station graduate with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, an active member of the university alumni group

Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS)

  • Organization Type: Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Membership: Volunteer
  • Date: October,2008 to June,2017
  • Description: Volunteered in donation drives and blood donation camps during the Uttarakhand floods.

Kashi Utkarsh

  • Organization Type: Non profit educational awareness
  • Membership: Teaching Volunteer
  • Date: August,2008 to May,2012
  • Description: Kashi Utkarsh is a group created by IIT-BHU students to contribute to social causes in Varanasi. I was a regular volunteer of Kashi Utkarsh. I used to teach maths and science to the underprivileged kids during my weekends.